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teogames [userpic]


December 26th, 2015 (10:27 pm)







The last time I actually played Minecraft was just over two years ago, when Zoey was staying with me. I tend to play this game like a spelunking dwarf whose main purpose is to find the nearest BIG HUGE CAVE NETWORK and gradually explore it, adding torches and signposts as I slowly carve secured territory out from the dark unknown expanse where monsters still tread. My bases are usually rather plain and pragmatic, mostly there to fulfill the basic need of having shelter. This world's base has a tree room, a wheat room, and a gigantic spiral staircase going down below the surface (which itself connects to a hallway-like tunnel I drilled into the cave network,) all just so I can get wood and bread and put things down between adventuring outings without having to go outside. There's a supply closet full of ores and minerals and building materials I've gathered that mostly go unused.

Zoey, by contrast, was a builder. She liked to make visually impressive houses and exterior structures. One time, I let her into my world and showed her around my base and set her loose outside before I ventured into the caves, and by the time I came back, she'd transformed my base into a house with a pitched roof and checkered tile pattern floors. An almost Metal Gear Solid 3-sized ladder (which definitely was not there before) led up all the way through the mountain and came through at the peak outside, where she was working on an unfinished tower-like structure. The ladder opened up into another tiled floor, and from there a partial staircase went up along a partially-made wall and terminated abruptly, leading to open air. With completely open space where walls should be, no lighting to fend off monsters, and the sheer drop from the top of the mountain, the construction zone could best be described as "dangerous."

The bottom of my base was beautiful after her transformation, but in its current state, the tower area was a mess. Alas, I never got to see what the Zoey's tower would have become. Her stay with me ended before she got to finish it, and we broke up before she ever came and visited me again.

I dusted this file off again two years later, and since I'm pretty sure she's not coming back to my world anytime soon, I went ahead and finished up that area. I took out the staircase entirely, made the corner pillars more even and symmetrical, finished up the walls, and even added a glass ceiling. I changed one wall to glass and added a door to another (which leads outside to the mountain) in case I'm ever trapped on top of the mountain after dark and need to get back inside without leaping off the cliff. I then knocked a hole in the glass wall I'd just made and expanded it into a long catwalk, with a glass bottom in the middle but a continuation of Zoey's checkerboard pattern on either side. (It took some trial and error to figure out what she had originally made that out of so I could replicate it.)

The catwalk now leads to a bubble-like glass room suspended far above the world. It doesn't really serve much of a purpose aside from giving me a view to enjoy, but then what in Minecraft ever does? It is a nice view, at least.

I was never the builder or decorator. Zoey started my base renovations and I had to finish them up with no guidance or resources other than my best impersonation of her style. I will never know what Zoey intended for this room. Given that she appeared to be building up before I took out her staircase and made a horizontal bridge instead, it probably wasn't this.

But this is nice.


Posted by: Premchaia Akari (premchaia)
Posted at: December 28th, 2015 06:49 am (UTC)

So what was the checkered tile made of? Judging by the picture… I'm not quite sure because I'm still not familiar with all the block types, um, one looks like red stained clay and the other is… not sandstone, probably? But also doesn't quite look like white stained clay?

I do like the glass dome. I've only recently started playing Minecraft at all, and heavily modded at that, but I've definitely had a focus on making stylish structures and making marks on the (multiplayer, in my case) world thereby. I haven't done much with micro-style, though, at the block level—it's more been… architecture, I guess. Which makes sense for me. Sort of a “form follows function, but with flourishes and fremdness”.

Posted by: Celine Kalante (kjorteo)
Posted at: December 28th, 2015 01:47 pm (UTC)
Listen up

Polished Diorite and Polished Granite. I definitely understand it not being obvious; those are somewhat newish block types compared to the classic clay and such, and I'm using a texture pack. Honestly, I didn't figure it out until I gave up and mined one with a pickaxe so I could pick it up and see it in my inventory.

Posted by: Premchaia Akari (premchaia)
Posted at: December 28th, 2015 06:24 pm (UTC)

Oh! I see it now. Huh.

Which texture pack are you using?

Posted by: Celine Kalante (kjorteo)
Posted at: December 29th, 2015 02:22 am (UTC)

John Smith Legacy, though I haven't chased after a more updated version of it since... well, the last time I played Minecraft.

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